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Qingdao Hongtai Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao Pingdu Fengtai Street office, West Road (Jiaozhou Pingdu rubber), north from the 309 National Road 4 kilometers, Wei Lai highway (Laiyang - Weifang) 6 km south of Qingdao Yinchuan Expressway (Qingdao - Yinchuan) 2 km, the new Qingdao airport 30 kilometers north. Bohai, south of the Yellow Sea, and the transportation is convenient.

The company is a well-equipped, high technology, advanced technology enterprises, is the backbone of the printing industry in Shandong province. Founded in 1984 September, assets amounted to about 70000000 yuan, 200 employees, 28 professional and technical personnel, the main equipment is 2.5 meters high five layer corrugated board production line from Germany, Roland 800 (1050 x 1420mm) ultra wide open four-color offset press, Heidelberg CD102F (720 * 1020mm) of five color offset printing machine, 2.5 x 3.6 four meters carton printing slotting machine, 1.6x3.2 meters color carton printing slotting machine and 2.4 x 1.2 metres four-color carton printing slotting machine and 1.6 x 2.1 meters two-color printing slotting machine, automatic cladding machine, cutting machine, glue box (box) machine, semi-automatic nail box machine, machine etc.. At present has formed a creative design and plate making, printing, binding, laminating corrugated hot cutting transport customer service service one-stop full set of perfect service system. The business scope of product samples, self-adhesive labels; wine and beverage trademark carton; milk box, large machinery, household appliances, packaging box, box outlet boxes and multi-layer corrugated cardboard carton processing and a full set of testing equipment.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, the economic situation is extremely grim situation, the company adhere to the quality as the center, take the market as the guidance, to be effective management, in the joint efforts of all staff, in 2005 May, the company passed the lSO9001 quality management system certification.